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Living for each other instead of just the dollars

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Alred C. Frett. Photo: VINO/File
Alred C. Frett

Expecting their Vaccines to save our Nation:

We would all like to pride ourselves in being our Brothers’ Keepers, but clearly Family Affairs are being replaced with a Dog-eat-Dog Mentality… Mother Nature is annoyed, Father Christmas is absent and the Auntie Bertha and Uncle Sam we have known, still promise much but deliver little… After 3 Centuries, we are still comfortable being fooled and too afraid to speak out against Traditional Injustices.

Our childhood lessons about Truth setting us Free, mean nothing if those in power prefer to dabble in Lies and, it is unfortunate that throughout this Pandemic, talk is more designed to fool us and rule us even as their actions continue to hurt our People… At this rate, not even the Commission of Inquiry may be able to save us from ourselves and any relief or ease we may get will be by accident rather than intent.

In fact, we have reached the point where it is logical to accept COVID-19 Vaccines as a last hope - Not because this was inevitable but because of continuous missteps… In the process, our Natural Defenses were so undermined that we moved from Holiday to Hurricane - Our Beach Picnic that required only Life vests were hit by Category-10, COVID-19, requiring Life Jackets, Lifeguards and even Coast Guards.

However, while everyone acts like authorities on Vaccines, the real authorities CDC, FDA and WHO are only now preparing to license these after 2 years of trials, with us as the Lab Rats in their Experiment… No wonder that July 31, 2021, was touted as a firm Vaccine Expiry Date for one of their Batches but no one questioned how a Vaccine, perfect to the 31st of one month, turns bad on the 1st of the following month.

Maybe God would like us to Think a little before Harassing Him:

Fact is fact and no one can invent Truth – We are still in a VI crisis, even if our Politicians, Doctors, Lawyers, Preachers, Teachers, Everyone and Anyone, see no qualms in misleading and perpetuating the corruption of the Pharmaceutical Industry… It is such practices that effectively keep us in Modern-day Slavery - No wonder, our Emancipation Celebrations have come and gone without fun or fair.

Maybe the God of Nature and Laws of Balance realised that although the physical chains may be absent the mental chains are just as strong as ever… As usual, we are too afraid to complain so we think that closing our eyes to reality, praying to imaginary friends and believing that we are Hebrews, will make Yahweh come forth to save us from ourselves… So far, our silence has only promoted our deaths.

Nonetheless, we still call on God more than Moses and blame COVID-19 and Non-Vaxers for messing with our Economic Systems… The result is, foolishness is accepted as fact, Inflation becomes the Oppressors’ Salvation, we watch as Money is redistributed to ensure that the Rich get richer, the Middle Class expands downwards to become the Lower Class and together, the Poor keeps getting poorer.

Subsequently, if Persons want to work, there are no jobs since Private Sector Money is getting scarce and businesses are locked down or closing at record rates… On the other hand, if and when these Vaccines are legalised, Prisons may become big business, since Governments will have official excuse to mandate Vaccinations and Anti-vaxers may find themselves facing Vaccine Passports and Prison.

When Conspiracies fuel the Hunger for Money:

Meanwhile, we are seeing the practice of Opening Up while others are Locking Down, the making of Bad Laws and spending of Mad Monies along with the suspicion that COVID-19 Statistics are being manipulated to suit Political Agendas… Like days of Slavery, we are seeing a New Normal of dying in record numbers without the presence of Friends and Family and, being buried without respect or dignity.

The arguments of some Pro-vaxers, appear less interested in promoting Vaccines out of a fear of Death and love for Humanity but, rather from a financial business perspective focused on how they are missing opportunities to make more Money… This Money Hunger is a Private Sector, Working-Class Nightmare, since it is no secret that whenever Governments increase Taxes and Fees, the Wages of the Poor shrink.

As a result, it won’t take us long to spend the few remaining Dollars, since, even before we receive our meagre Paychecks, Governments have already taken out their cuts… Nonetheless, as our Personal Financial Reserves are depleted to bloat their Agendas, we are expected to be grateful for Handouts from our own Monies or to exist on Credit Cards that charge 20% Interest plus Penalties - Sad but true.

We are fast approaching the point where Ignorance is Bliss and Sadness becomes a way of life for V-Islanders… The hope is that we have not gone too far to stop and try putting wrong things right but this can only be done by rejecting such nonsensical beliefs like Trump being reinstated on August 13, 2021, the US not having to leave Afghanistan or our Vaccines becoming expired within an overnight Nanosecond.

Truth and Knowledge may be the most powerful forces we possess but they are only useful if properly applied… Unfortunately, the Educational System programmes us to work for Masters and not ourselves, so, unless we are willing to re-think and re-act, then, ‘where there is no thought, all is lost ‘and, ‘where there is no Vision, our People perish’… The question is, how many more do we need to die or perish?

PS:Will continue addressing some of your Questions & Comments on Live BVP Radio Programmes

5 Responses to “Living for each other instead of just the dollars”

  • Windy (25/08/2021, 16:02) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    another good read bossie
  • @ AL (25/08/2021, 18:13) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
  • Good Advisor Free-Of-Charge Advisory. (25/08/2021, 18:19) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    Mr. Alred C. Frett, I have accepted most what you have said have said. But you know for a fact that your business benefits greatly from some of the things that you have spoken against. If you care so much for us, then distance yourselves from at least some of the things that you disagree with. Be a leader more than a talker.
    You know that most drugs use for medical purpose were tested in labs, and that vaccines are common used against various viruses. So in one way or the other, you represent the norm.
    On spiritual matters, your knowledge is mediocre.
    It is impossible to persons educate others on the subject of the Holy God that they know not in spirit.
    My friend, leadby example, speak by the power of knowledge, and act in the faith of God wisdom.
    Wisdom is the principal thing, but in all your getting get understanding. No condemnation, in my honest opinion, you scored high.
  • Fam (26/08/2021, 08:22) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    Lets live in peace and love
  • lol (26/08/2021, 15:45) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    Says he who have raded the country for decades. Now your sitting pretty your swing the stuck of morality. Ooooh boy, lol

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