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Jaspert must retract & apologise for linking VI Gov't officials to drugs- Hon Vanterpool

- legislator said he was left 'shocked & appalled' @ broad statement with no evidence brought to table
Businessman and 4th District Representative in the Virgin Islands (VI) House of Assembly (HoA) Hon Mark H. Vanterpool (R4) has called on controversial ex-Governor Augustus J.U. Jaspert to retract and apologize for his recent allegations and broad statements that a top-ranking Government official in the BVI is allegedly involved in the cocaine trade and organised crime. Photo: VINO/File
During his appearance before the CoI, Ex-Governor Augustus J.U. Jaspert on October 20, 2021, claimed without any evidence that the VI had alleged cocaine links in the highest level of office. Photo: HoA/Youtube
During his appearance before the CoI, Ex-Governor Augustus J.U. Jaspert on October 20, 2021, claimed without any evidence that the VI had alleged cocaine links in the highest level of office. Photo: HoA/Youtube
DUFFS BOTTOM, Tortola, VI - Fourth District Representative in the Virgin Islands (VI) House of Assembly (HoA) Hon Mark H. Vanterpool (R4) has called on controversial ex-Governor Augustus J.U. Jaspert to retract and apologise for his recent allegations and broad statements that a top-ranking Government official in the BVI is allegedly involved in the cocaine trade and organised crime.

Hon Vanterpool made the statements during yesterday’s October 28, 2021, 12th Sitting of the 3rd Session of the 4th House of Assembly (HoA) in Duff’s Bottom, Tortola, where he also warned against allegations and innuendos thrown towards legislators, particularly as it relates to corruption, drugs or use of public funds.

During his appearance before the CoI, Ex-Governor Jaspert on October 20, 2021, claimed, without any evidence, that the VI had alleged cocaine links in the highest level of office.

Part of the prompt for the CoI, he said, were due to concerns about links to organised criminality and to those involved in the cocaine trafficking trade, including allegedly amongst those in the highest holders of public office.

Hon Vanterpool said he was left 'appalled' at the statements and that Jaspert could have never accused UK legislators without bringing facts or evidence forward, in order to say it publically.

"I am very hurt," the senior legislator said while noting that he was a high-level Government official for some 20 years and therefore, could be part of that broad statement. 

Statement too broad - Hon Vanterpool 

The legislator said to serve the people, “I have lost many opportunities and at one point I had to stop and think that I was becoming a pauper because of my presence in the House of Assembly.” 

He said that elected members are subjected to people’s opinions, and it is expected; however, the member illustrated that some comments are not based on facts.

As an example, Hon Vanterpool recalled being told of persons looking at his McNamara home and saying it was built with BVI Ports Authority money.

“I never had any authority to write any cheque on Ports Authority! I never had anything to do with the Ports Authority in terms of their money and their accountability and their accounts,” he said.

“Whatever insinuations they had there I don't know, and sometimes even we as politicians are responsible for what we say and do to give the wrong impression,” he said.

Bring the facts! 

He urged persons to be careful about what they say if they don’t have the facts to support statements.

“When you don’t have the facts don’t go to the public and say it because you don’t have the facts, and those innuendoes and allegations and those things can affect a person’s life for life,” he said.

Hon Vanterpool said the VI is now in a season where innuendoes and allegations are no longer a joke or talk for just within the VI, but with outsiders. 

The 'statesman' further revealed shocking allegations of persons claiming that he was involved in drugs to be able to afford his businesses.

“I come up feeding pigs,” he said while noting that one of his principles is working hard for what he has and never having an involvement in the narco trade.

Jaspert? Apologise?

Meanwhile, Mr Jaspert was previously called upon by members of the public and commentators to apologise for what many perceived as racist and insensitive remarks regarding his stance on reparations for slavery and preserving names of landmarks in honour of persons who were involved in the slave trade and committed brutal acts against humanity.

Mr Jaspert departed these Virgin Islands without apologising.

As a parting gift; however, Jaspert controversially announced a Commission of Inquiry (CoI) into governance in the VI on Martin Luther King Day, January 18, 2021.

23 Responses to “Jaspert must retract & apologise for linking VI Gov't officials to drugs- Hon Vanterpool”

  • stop (29/10/2021, 10:53) Like (65) Dislike (4) Reply
    Mark, You are taking this thing on like he called your name, I don't hear anyone else carrying on like this, this makes you look guilty.
    • Eagle Eye (29/10/2021, 13:56) Like (9) Dislike (0) Reply
      Where did the 3 hundred and somthing million of dollars in drugs go, anyone knows?
      • Jaspert was desparate (29/10/2021, 17:32) Like (2) Dislike (12) Reply
        Anti drugs is Jaspert's thing, and he was convinced the the BVI politicians were involved in drugs in the BVI. But despite 3 years and 3 months of a 4 year contract (Gus pretends that he only had three years, but he his original 3 year contract was extended for an extra year, and then shortened to only an extra few months) he had no proof.
        Not only that, he has clearly has not presented any proof to the CoI or we would have heard about it - remember is it supposed to be an open inquiry.
        The questions asked by Lapdog provided the only chance for Jaspert to make the allegation without being sued for libel/defamation. He jumped at it.
        The fact that the drugs operation in the BVI is so well run rather suggests that no politicians are involved - none of them have ever demonstrated an ability to run anything well.
        Desperate Jaspert's last swansong!!! - the Commissioner will have to drop the drugs paragraphs from the draft report that Jaspert presented him with.
  • believe me (29/10/2021, 11:49) Like (5) Dislike (4) Reply
    Others may not come forward with a rant but they are just as upset or maybe more so.
  • Ghost (29/10/2021, 11:53) Like (15) Dislike (0) Reply
    As per Hon. Vanterpool, “ "I am very hurt," the senior legislator said while noting that he was a high-level Government official for some 20 years and therefore, could be part of that broad statement.”.. Hon. I understand and I hear you, but not being able to show proof doesn’t mean it’s not true.. Stop trying to put your neck on the block for what you may not know.. Re: you, if you know you are not guilty past nor present then you have nothing to worry about. Keep it moving..this COI is exposing many underhandedness that we the people didn’t know but God Words Always Speak Truth- what’s done in the dark God Will Bring to Light..
  • Well Well (29/10/2021, 12:09) Like (20) Dislike (1) Reply
    The nail landed on the head why this touch you so much food for thought
  • Sue said it (29/10/2021, 12:51) Like (27) Dislike (3) Reply
    Mark, you should have just not say anything. No one mentioned your name. Don’t go sticking your hand in Pandora’s Box.
  • Hmm (29/10/2021, 12:55) Like (5) Dislike (12) Reply
    You see same things people talking about locals. If all was expats teaching they would a never do this that why people wants to hired them
  • pat (29/10/2021, 14:36) Like (2) Dislike (22) Reply
    Hope we get our independence fast
    • @pat (30/10/2021, 08:53) Like (3) Dislike (2) Reply
      How are we looking to get Independence when most of us can’t tie our shoe laces the correct way.
  • E. Leonard (29/10/2021, 15:53) Like (5) Dislike (5) Reply
    The monarch with the advice and recommendation of the UK government appoints the governor to represent the crown. The people of the Virgin Islands are only notified as to whom is being appointed; they have no input in the appointing of governor. In fact, to my knowledge, no one of African descent or another minority or a woman to date has been appointed as either commissioner, administrator or governor.

    Moreover, the governor/governor’s group is part and parcel of the institution. As such, the FCO may not be a neutral arbiter of friction between the VI government and the governor. Typically, it may only be in extraordinary circumstances, ie, only if one’s status or position may be adversely impacted, may the arch of fairness bend towards the VI. There is no neutral clearing house for the VI to get a fair airing of its valid concerns. Consequently, the governor feels no obligation nor any responsibility to apologize or respond to the VI people, the majority of whom are of African descent, for any thing. IMO one is quicker to see a green mule flying than the responsiveness occurring. Why?

    The slave trade and the institution of slavery built UK, US and other economies. The slavery institution also created white supremacy, special privileges, and entitlements. Slaves were viewed as subhuman and not equal to other humans; they were an inferior and defective specie. The Emancipation driven mostly by economic reasons, not compassion, did not change the perverse attitudes and behaviors. Many countries/leaders still have not apologize for the exploitive, barbaric and terrorist treatment of slaves. And they balk at providing compensatory damages for the physical, emotion, inequitable economic etc harms caused.

    Former governor Jasper, asked by the media about reparation for VI slave descendants, glibly, callously and insensitively responded that reparation was not on the UK’s agenda. The response was disrespectful, disparaging and insensitive to VI slave descendants. Asked to apologize, the VI people is still waiting. Additionally, he also suggested that VI landmarks named after supposed murders, pirates, slave traders, exploiters etc be retained for historical reasons. Reallly!! Asked to apologize, the VI people should not hold its breath. Making allegations with total disregard for truth and facts, is devious at best. But since there is no responsibility, no consequences, who cares? I think the victims care.

    Internal security ( including RVIPF), and supervision of the courts fall under the governor’s purview so if he had evidence, if any, of wrong doings among top officials, why not investigate and prosecute?
    • Slavery and Racism (29/10/2021, 18:34) Like (8) Dislike (3) Reply
      @E. Leonard, in reading your writing, a visitor from Mars could easily conclude that slavery and racism are still going on, operating on high octane gasoline. Slavery was abolished approximately 200 years ago, and significant progress have been made eliminating racism; we are not there yet but we are on the road. Admittedly, you are skillful in weaving the impact of slavery into debates. Nevertheless, this fascination on slavery will further retard economic and social growth. We need more growth, not less. I’m not a Thom; I’m just a realist.
      • @Slavery & Racism (29/10/2021, 22:18) Like (1) Dislike (1) Reply
        @Slavery & Racism, you may or may not be a Thom. But either you are selfishly and deliberatively single focus, the presence of racism is hard to miss. The spread of technology is revealing and shining a bright light on the ugly and decisive creature of racism, discrimination and prejudice. Furthermore, adverse impacts of slavery are alive and well. They are quiet, subtle, and still legally condone and are living in institutions. The impacts of slavery is manifested in poverty etc. Moving forward will be challenging without addressing the ghosts of the past. The beneficiaries of force enslavement may want to brush off the brutalities and exploitation and rally for the burial of history. But to the descendants of slaves there must be some measure of closure. The Jews had a measure of closure. The Japanese had a measure of closure. But for descendants of slaves the attitude seem to be just sweep the nightmare under the rug and move on. Why is that? Is it because that it was false spread that slaves were subhuman and didn’t deserve humane treatment. White washing slavery and history is not going to work.
      • Quiet Warrior (29/10/2021, 22:52) Like (2) Dislike (1) Reply
        @Slavery and Racism, OMG. Are you serious? Slavery is a painful subject to talk about. It it may lay guilt on Whites and enrages blacks. Yet all of us should be educated on its vicious nature; there was not virtuous about slavery. Slavery was about both money and fear. It slave owners wealthy but they were always in fear of losing their chatel property abolishing slavery and the fear of slave revolt. This fear fuels the control and brutality.
    • Theory of the Case (30/10/2021, 05:42) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
      Leonard, you have laid out a logical and good theory of the case. Not too many weaknesses, if any, with the theory of the case. Strong case and presentation counselor but does the UK give a damn. The olde adage is that he who wears the gold makes the golden rule. If the BVI people want change, they must fight for change. No struggle, no gain says Frederick Douglass. However, ‘bring come carry go’ stop it. The folks are not into us. Their deception plan of action depends on our bring come carry go. We have to self police and seriously hold government responsible and accountable. Our dependency, political patronage, selective blindness etc are slowing growth and development.
      • @ Theory Case (30/10/2021, 12:27) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
        @Theory Case, what the hell is ‘bring come carry go.’ ? I’m a relative later comer to the territory so I’m totally up on the lingo, the colloquialism. Is there a book or collection local colloquialism that can be acquired. And if so, where can it be had? Thanks.
  • @pat (29/10/2021, 16:00) Like (8) Dislike (1) Reply
    We can’t handle independence. We are a sinking ship as we are. Too much corruption needs sorting once and for all.
  • josiah'sbay (29/10/2021, 17:44) Like (4) Dislike (5) Reply
    If Jaspert did not or do launch an investigation into the allegations he owes this Government and territory an apology. Despite our personal animus toward our government we still have to recognize when we have been insulted and demand a retraction and apology. Don't let our myopia keep us from focusing on the bigger picture.
  • huh (29/10/2021, 22:29) Like (5) Dislike (0) Reply
    Where is the proof? There is none or they would have provided it.

    Where’s the proof of the drugs being destroyed the UK said was too much of to dispose of locally?

    Let’s play their innuendo game.

    The English probably run things internationally and had their drugs caught by officers not in the know.

    Being such a hefty shipment they probably sent for it to be disposed of aka off to be sold not destroyed.

    If Belgian police can be selling coke why not other European police??

    When it comes to rumours people believe what they want to.
  • Road Town Rebel. (30/10/2021, 02:34) Like (3) Dislike (0) Reply
    Gus! Apology.wait for it.
    Governor's are undemocratically SELECTED to come "tame"the natives yes, with their settler mentality.
  • Hmmmm (30/10/2021, 05:09) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    The main question is you all really think Jaspert lying or it have some kind of true to what he is saying
  • Pins and needles (30/10/2021, 07:10) Like (3) Dislike (0) Reply

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