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Grenada Gov't moving to tighten legislation against gun crimes

September 20th, 2023 | Tags:
Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell has signaled his intention to table legislation to deal with the escalation of criminal activities in Grenada, particularly gun-related crimes. Photo: Internet Source

SAINT GEORGES, Grenada - Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell has signaled his intention to table legislation to deal with the escalation of criminal activities in Grenada, particularly gun-related crimes.

He told a news conference Tuesday that while for the most part, crime in Grenada “has been trending downwards”  gun related crimes were increasing.

“In total we have 18 homicides for the year, many of them are gun related and as I have said repeatedly, firearms are lethal, they are meant to kill and I daresay, perhaps in some of these instances were firearms not involved, some of the victims may very well have survived.

“We intend to take a very robust response to this and the Cabinet intends to pilot legislation to amend the Firearms Act to introduce far more significant penalties for persons found in unlawful possession of a firearm,” said Mitchell, a lawyer.

He said the ceremonial opening of the new parliamentary term will be next week “and we certainly intend to file the necessary legislation before we go on the Christmas break…so that it could be enacted into law to signal our view that the possession of unlawful firearms, the use of unlawful firearms, the trading in unlawful firearms will not be something that will be tolerated”.

Mitchell said in addition, the government has appointed a national security advisory council and that it intends to have the council constituted “and the first order of business it will be mandated to do is to carry out a series of national consultations which we hope to commence in October”.

4 Responses to “Grenada Gov't moving to tighten legislation against gun crimes”

  • WOW (20/09/2023, 11:13) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
    If you listen to the Governor, UK, Commissioner of Police & a few naysayers, you would be led to believe these kinds of gun crime, drugs, and other serious crimes only happen in the BVI. They really brainwashing some of you when all these crimes are at an all time high in the UK and they have no answers for their problems but think they know all the answers for BVI with a non-elected Governor arrogantly & high handedly swinging around his powers on the BVI while most of us are fast a sleep.
  • The Street (20/09/2023, 11:16) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    Security for BVI us under the Governor and he and his UK Commissioner of Police cannot he blamed for crime but they have failed miserably in prevention and reaction to crime in the BVI. I guess they are busy trying to complete their intended bloodless take over of the BVI under the cloak of one sided corruption allegations and good governance.
  • Observing (20/09/2023, 11:33) Like (20) Dislike (1) Reply
    This is good to know but watch how the Governor and his racist gang addressing these concerns.
    1) Want to pass a police act to give the police more power with little or no accountability while violating citizens rights and liberty.
    2) Keep asking for an ocean of money for police and prison but to date the police pressence territory wide is little to none in most areas while having more police officers recruited & hired in the history of the BVI.
    3) Take over the Head of prison with a UK person
    4) Take over Deputy Head of prison with UK person.
    5) Take over the police with UK person
    6) Taking over Customs with UK person(Allegedly Former Commissioner of Police).
    7) Trying to take over DPP with UK person
    8) Trying to take over AG position with UK person.
    9) Run the country from the back through holding a modern day slavery whip over BVI Head to do what they say or they will suspend the constitution
    10) Force 48 preauthored by them of their COI recommendations to be implemented without debate or ammendments for which most are not in the best interest of the people nor economy of the BVI & contributing to the rise in crime and drop in BVI economy.
    11) Only investigate & arrest non white UK people living in BVI as well as listen to all phone calls and raid all accounts without justification other than being wreckers with power.
    12) Taking over Permanent secretary positions & other senior public service position with UK person.

    The list is long. Our leaders are not fighting for the future generation of the BVI. They are sitting and drinking the UK cool aid when in fact the UK is practicing oppression and modern day slavery through a bloodless take over. They feel they are superior and the people of the BVI are inferior and corrupt and cannot be trusted but once you are UK you are OK.
  • @all of the above (20/09/2023, 20:52) Like (18) Dislike (0) Reply
    Because it’s obvious it’s the same person made all three comments above. Your rants are a joke. You’re either ignorant or live under a rock or stuck up your own *ss or maybe involved. Blame anyone you want. Gun crime is through the roof in the BVI and I am for one not going to stand by and watch these hooligans run around like the own the place. NO SIR!!!!

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