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FirstBank makes COVID-19 boosters mandatory for all staff

- Employees have up to March 1, 2022 to be in compliance
FirstBank has not only made vaccination mandatory for staff, it is requiring that all staff take booster shots, according to reports reaching Virgin Islands News Online today, February 8, 2022. Photo: VINO/File
A section of the circular to staff of FirstBank today, February 8, 2022. Photo: Team of Reporters
A section of the circular to staff of FirstBank today, February 8, 2022. Photo: Team of Reporters
ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI- Although the Government of the Virgin Islands has not made vaccination against COVID-19 mandatory and has said it does not intend to, some businesses have made it mandatory for their staff.

FirstBank has not only made vaccination mandatory for staff, it is requiring that all staff take booster shots, according to reports reaching Virgin Islands News Online today, February 8, 2022.

Our newsroom was informed by sources within FirstBank that staff members were informed of the policy this morning.

The Pfizer booster shot is being offered for free in the [British] Virgin Islands.

Boosters mandatory

According to a copy of the circular to staff and leaked to VINO, as of March 1, 2022, FirstBank will require all regular and temporary 'FirstbBankers' to be vaccinated with the booster dose against COVID-19.

"Employees who are vaccinated and are eligible for the booster, but do not obtain by March 1st, will be required to upload weekly evidence of negative test results beginning on March 7," the circular stated.

Disciplinary action possible

It also said that all staff must be registered in the company's 'Vaccination Registry' or face disciplinary action.

"This requirement is mandatory. Failure to comply with this requirement by the said date will lead to disciplinary action," the circular warned.

Meanwhile, efforts to get a comment from FirstBank, including in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, proved futile up to the time of publication.

35 Responses to “FirstBank makes COVID-19 boosters mandatory for all staff”

  • Me (08/02/2022, 16:33) Like (34) Dislike (150) Reply
    Good. Glad to hear this.
    • Really (08/02/2022, 17:43) Like (74) Dislike (28) Reply
      It looks like they nanotechnology is completely working on you with the mind control because how is this even Normal. This sound raise a red flag with the vaccinated people especially the ones who has major side effects that all these social media site censor the the masses. The Father don't sleep so judgement day will be very painful for the soul sellers who gave their soul for Earthly values. If this isn't the mark of the beast than I don't know what can be worst beside the government turning the vaccinated people into drug addicts
    • Slim Jim (09/02/2022, 10:34) Like (8) Dislike (0) Reply
      While I am a vaccinated individual who believes that its the right way to go, I do not believe in the enforced vaccination of persons for fear of losing their jobs. In spite of my sincere belief that the vaccine is safe and necessary, yet I must also respect the right of persons to choose for themselves. Its a tricky situation, and yes I have also been very angry at reckless caress actions of those who not only refuse to vaccinate but engage in unsafe social gatherings without due regard for others health, but liberty of thought and freedom of conscience must still be respected... its a foundation of our constitutional rights.

      Reasoning with the unconvinced is the best we can and should do... not punish and alienate them into submission. Its a very dangerous, authoritarian road we travel. And whether our Government openly supports it or not in their pronouncements, actions speak louder than words.
      • Really (09/02/2022, 16:27) Like (10) Dislike (1) Reply
        Look at Bill gates depopulation speech through Vaccine before you talk about the unvaccinated people because we heard and understand the speech. The world the Elites said is over populated which that is lies,but they was right to get rid of all the brainless people because the vaccinated people never even research the mRNA biotech weapon vaccine
    • wise man (09/02/2022, 16:06) Like (20) Dislike (0) Reply
      It is time to leave those people!!!!
      Are they going to make it mandatory to take new boosters every time America and Biden say so?
      Tell them tek dey boosters and shub it up dey @$$$
  • Native Senior Citizen of the British Virgin (08/02/2022, 17:11) Like (42) Dislike (27) Reply
    First Bank has the right to its decision, in reference to covid-19 vaccine boosters. It's employees of First Bank have the right to theirs.
    Mandatory boosters is not freedom, but rather bondage. The choice is employees to make.
    • Peaches (08/02/2022, 22:24) Like (53) Dislike (3) Reply
      They working along with the government to meet the 70% goal. The devil is in the detail. Stand tall employees. Don't let man determine what you should put in your bodies. I am tired of hearing of these mandates while persons who took it told me they were sick as a dog with the virus after taking the vaccine. God does not sleep. We all must appear before the judgment seat of God one day to give an account of how we have treated our bodies here on this earth. Stand up strong, trust God. He will see us through. I say 'Us' because any working person will have to face this vaccine demon sooner or later. Stay prayed up. God is still on His throne.
  • Hmm (08/02/2022, 17:16) Like (18) Dislike (2) Reply
    Dirty self. Who ever you are.
  • Crs (08/02/2022, 18:08) Like (27) Dislike (17) Reply
    Seems a little late in the game. Why bother with boosters now.
  • staff (08/02/2022, 18:49) Like (40) Dislike (43) Reply
    Needs to hold one head and strike.
    They promised vaccines that don’t work
    Boosters don’t work and we have many more variants that will be coming out. These companies are heartless.
    They can see clearly the rest of the work is moving away from Covid.
    When Biden was asked the definition of a fully vaccinated person he couldn’t even answer.
    They required you to be fully vaccinated and you did that. You can travel the world.
    They can’t impose any booster on you unless the definition of fully vaccinated changes. You all hire a competent lawyer.
  • I lost my baby (08/02/2022, 18:50) Like (23) Dislike (14) Reply
    I will take another one ! Ever !!!!! People don’t even have sympathy when you try to confide in them. I’m in this alone no government support or any support from my employer just “I’m sorry to hear that.” But God don’t sleep !
    • Sad ending (08/02/2022, 22:28) Like (36) Dislike (3) Reply
      @I lost my baby what are you saying, really? You took the vaccine and you lost your baby? Is that what you are trying to say, my dear? If that is the case my heart goes out to you. Government doesn't care my dear. They're on a mission.
  • Madussa (08/02/2022, 21:17) Like (50) Dislike (5) Reply
    Time for all employees to walk out in protest at the same time, when the bank is at its fullest. I would look for another job ASAP or open my own business. To hell with this one world order crap. They are using us as guinea pigs and killing us. Nope nope nope. Not me ever! Mandatory should be against the law, forcing people to inject their bodies like drug addicts. This really sucks the big one! When all goes wrong with these vaccines, they will NOT be held accountable for employees getting sick or dying from it. Bull Crap!!!!!!
    • Really (09/02/2022, 06:08) Like (25) Dislike (4) Reply
      They know what their doing. If you ask people you know all over the world all banks are acting the same. Giving bad service,long lines that's not moving. It's all planned to usher in the New world order. No one besides robots will be working in the world. People need to watch tv better because they are showing us what they are up to
      • @ Really (09/02/2022, 08:45) Like (20) Dislike (4) Reply
        You are awaken my friend much people dont want to open their eyes to what is going on. Stop putting your trust in man, from since when the government care about the people.
        • Really (09/02/2022, 16:29) Like (8) Dislike (0) Reply
          Yes I am and I'm never sleeping on these wicked government puppet again.
  • disappointed (08/02/2022, 22:32) Like (50) Dislike (1) Reply
    This makes me so mad!! And the thing about it is that you can still get the virus and spread it!! What an evil world. This is just the beginning. All staff should strike. Take a page out of the Canadian Truckers playbook. They have Justin Trudeau shaking in his boots! How dare they tell people what to do with their bodies? Shame!! Shame! And the government is num on this kind of mistreatment of employees. But wait, they may never sit in those seats again!
    • Really (09/02/2022, 06:12) Like (12) Dislike (0) Reply
      If you get the illuminati card game from 1995 the truck strike is in it because it's a part of the Elites world's stage script. Alot of what we're going through is in the card yet people think it comes from God. Everything we learn came from man to program us how they want and if you use common sense they want to kill you for that
  • i know (09/02/2022, 00:55) Like (8) Dislike (0) Reply
    God will avenge each of u according to your deeds.
    Biggest crime on humanity.
  • TO ALL (09/02/2022, 03:45) Like (2) Dislike (42) Reply
    hey..if this helps the customers be allowed to bank normally instead of queuing outside and being controlled by security as to who is able to jump the que then i.m all for it....but hang on a minute....does this mean that all customers will be requires to show proof of vaccinated to enter the bank ..hhmm.
    maybe thats what all banks should do..have a fast track line for vaccinated customers (where you can wait inside)..everyone else, your choice...wait outside. just sayin'
    • @ TO ALL (09/02/2022, 09:13) Like (12) Dislike (3) Reply
      And when they tell you your 1yr old hasn’t has their 2 shots and unlimited boosters you’ll be mad that your baby has to stay outside with the unvaccinated
      • TO ALL (09/02/2022, 10:47) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
        i was saying all that tongue in cheek...sorry for pushing the wrong buttons
    • Future (09/02/2022, 11:26) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
      Your statement is child hated and inconsiderate.
  • reality (09/02/2022, 04:10) Like (2) Dislike (25) Reply
    If you want to work in an international bank then you will need to fully vaccinated and boosted to international standards. Otherwise seek employment at the only local bank.
  • Princess (09/02/2022, 05:33) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    Baby love
  • Really (09/02/2022, 07:17) Like (13) Dislike (0) Reply
    I can't believe how people are soooooo stupid now a days. This article says although the government hasn't made Vaccine mandatory okay I'll stop there. Who do you think owns the bank. GOVERNMENT okay so they made it mandatory and people will still think they didn't. Common sense has left the building for lots of people. Everything is run by the devil and they can take your business from you with a snap of a finger. We have no rights in this Devil run Earth because the elites bloodline plans must goes on because it's all scripted. Nothing is by an accident it's all by design but the dumb masses believes everything the government says no questions asked.
  • Fire the wuk (09/02/2022, 10:21) Like (11) Dislike (0) Reply
    This is absolutely crazy. I don’t understand how these establishments feel they can mandate something that is not law. People have a right to their own bodies. Fire the work and let’s see how the work will get done.
  • Pfizer Fun Facts (09/02/2022, 11:21) Like (4) Dislike (0) Reply
    Pfizer provided the FDA with extensive documentation to enable the FDA decision on emergency use authorization, which we know was granted. Those documents were not in the public domain until a FOIA request forced the FDA to be transparent. The FDA said they needed 75 years to make the documents public at a rate of 500 per month. A court ruled that they needed to reduce the 75 years to 8 months and issue 55,000 documents per month. One wonders what the FDA does not want the public to see and it is interesting to note that yesterday Pfizer added new and peculiar items deep in its business risk disclosures re: clinical trial data, in its Q4 earnings --

    "...risks associated with...further information regarding the quality of pre-clinical, clinical or safety data, including by audit or inspection;"

    Wonder what the first set of 55,000 documents will show that poses a risk to profitability. Pfizer booster anyone?
  • Lexi (09/02/2022, 11:58) Like (1) Dislike (4) Reply
    FirstBank is a Puerto Rican bank. The Covid rules are very strict in PR. So FirstBank is rolling out that mandate to all its operations in the VI and elsewhere. Who don't like it better look for another job!
  • Pureblood II (09/02/2022, 14:34) Like (10) Dislike (0) Reply
    Am definitely removing my money from this Bank
    • Really (09/02/2022, 16:32) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
      They are getting rid off banks and ATM machines all over the world because soon the bank will on be digital so no employees soon
  • time (09/02/2022, 20:19) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    To pick up a stick....brimstone and fire ....these the days leading up to ...freedom was never given to us we had to take it and there never was please by that so don't think there forgotten ....the figth will always be the Tru struggling........fuk eathly rishes
  • Evil actions (10/02/2022, 18:21) Like (7) Dislike (0) Reply
    These useless and evil mandates by employers must stop. Globally we see the consensus is shifting to understand we must live with covid. Taking these vaccines and boosters every couple of months do NOT prevent people from getting covid, or even from dying if thery have underlying conditions. Many of the people at my workplace who were vaccinated have had covid and yet I who am unvaccinated continue to be well. Taking the bread from families mouth because they make a decision for religious or whatever personal reason is pure evil. I hope those passing these policies feel the wrath of their actions soon!

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