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July 5th, 2024
UK Labour Gov’t can mend fences with Caribbean territories

E. Benito Wheatley

The Labour Party's landslide victory at the polls presents a fresh opportunity for the United Kingdom to establish a genuine modern partnership with the Overseas Territories (OTs) after 14 years of Conservative Party rule in which the relationship with the Territories was severely strained by heavy-handed UK Government policies and actions that smacked of colonialism, particularly in the Caribbean where Anguilla, Bermuda, Virgin Islands, Cayman, Montserrat and Turks and Caicos Islands.

July 5th, 2024
Keir R. Starmer wins UK election in Labour landslide

LONDON, United Kingdom- The Labour Party has won the United Kingdom (UK) general election in a landslide, with results from almost all the parliamentary seats declared. Keir R. Starmer has become the new prime minister after meeting the King.

November 10th, 2020
UK bill proposes elected MPs to represent Overseas Territories in UK parliament

LONDON, United Kingdom- The [British] Virgin Islands could find itself being represented in the United Kingdom (UK) parliament, the House of Commons, by its own elected Member of Parliament (MP) if a bill proposed by a group of MPs in the UK is passed.

December 13th, 2019
Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson storms to victory in UK elections

LONDON, United Kingdom- The United Kingdom (UK) Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson’s Conservative Party has won the UK elections on December 12, 2019 in resounding fashion.

May 8th, 2015
UK Election results: David Cameron returned as PM


David Cameron has returned to Downing Street with the Tories having defied polls and won the general election.

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