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End of increments? Deputy Gov anticipates new reward policy by early 2024

-David D. Archer Jr new system will be in place to address reward payments in Public Service
Deputy Governor, Mr David D. Archer Jr said at the start of new year 2024, he anticipates a new system for the rewarding of public officers, which may not be the system of increments that is currently employed. Photo: GIS/Facebook
The Deputy Government made the statement during a press conference today, Monday, September 18, 2023, on an update of projects within the office of the Deputy Governor. Photo: GIS/Facebook
The Deputy Government made the statement during a press conference today, Monday, September 18, 2023, on an update of projects within the office of the Deputy Governor. Photo: GIS/Facebook
ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI– Deputy Governor Mr David D. Archer Jr said at the start of 2024, he anticipates a new system for the rewarding of public officers, which may not be the system of increments currently employed.

The Deputy Government made the statement during a press conference to update the public on projects within the Office of the Deputy Governor on September 18, 2023.

New Policy to come - Archer Jr 

“I anticipate by the beginning of next year we will have a different policy, possibly about how we administer and pay not increments, but how to reward public officers for how well they do.”

Mr Archer Jr added, “Now the system that we currently work, one of increments, requires you to perform well and satisfactorily. In order for you to receive an increment… in light of the compensation review, in light of our questions surrounding pension, we have to take a look at that,” he added. 

The Deputy Governor said the new system would be one that persons for the most part can predict. He reminded that the payment of increments or not paying increments does not have anything to do with a 'programme' or 'technology' not being done.

Mr Archer Jr also reminded that the public service has taken many hits, including the World Economic crisis in 2008, the 2017 hurricanes, and the COVID-19 pandemic that came just when the discussion on increments was being started. 

Public service has been through a strenuous period - Deputy Governor 

“So, we've been through a very strenuous process of trying to value public officers by keeping them engaged, keeping them employed... During the period of COVID for example, we public officers served as the breadwinners for many houses, many households, where persons were laid off for over two years,” he said.

The Deputy Governor said he is not making an excuse for the payment of increments, but explaining so that persons can understand that increments are not something that technology can sort, rather, it takes time and patience.

“On the heels of that, in 2024 we will have a policy which allows us at minimum to know what's the value of compensation, but you can anticipate a different model of how we compensate persons,” he added.

28 Responses to “End of increments? Deputy Gov anticipates new reward policy by early 2024”

  • Edmund (on behalf of myself and others) (19/09/2023, 07:56) Like (8) Dislike (28) Reply
    I do not support the suggestion that public officers should not be paid automatic increments.
    It is an outrage to have performance related pay in the public sector.
    If I had wanted to have my performance reviewed, I would not have joined the Government.
    • @you (19/09/2023, 11:13) Like (5) Dislike (2) Reply
      What an @$$ you are!
    • @Edmund (19/09/2023, 12:50) Like (4) Dislike (4) Reply
      @Edmund, you are a mumu and an a$$. Take a seat and make sure you take your meds.
    • The joker (19/09/2023, 19:29) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      I read this and all I can do is laugh and laugh and laugh! Problem in the BVI is no one gets some good sarcasm! People here bound up like they on a cheese diet! Laughter is good medicine take some. The even bigger joke is that this is exactly how a lot of public service employees feel and they laughing the loudest. Come on you know you giggling!
  • DropNews (19/09/2023, 08:22) Like (4) Dislike (1) Reply
    The Impending Digital Shift: A Deep Dive into Tortola's Announcement of Public Officer Rewarding System

    The recent statement by Deputy Governor Mr. David D. Archer Jr regarding the change in how public officers will be rewarded comes at a significant juncture in our society's evolution. As technological advancements continue to redefine governance and public administration globally, Tortola seems poised to embrace this change. Yet, there are implications worth considering, particularly in light of global trends.

    A New System on the Horizon
    Mr. Archer Jr’s emphasis on a new policy that will reward public officers based on performance signifies a departure from the traditional "increments" system. On the surface, this appears to be a step towards meritocracy, where officers are recognized and rewarded for their contributions.

    However, it's essential to critically assess the nature of this 'different policy'. The Deputy Governor emphasized that this system would be predictable, but what does this entail? In a world of increasing digitization, could this mean a transition to a more data-driven approach similar to the 'China model' we've previously discussed?

    Drawing Parallels: Digital IDs and Performance Metrics
    While Mr. Archer Jr has clarified that technology doesn't directly influence the payment of increments, the phrasing leaves room for interpretation. Could the new system be modeled after digital performance tracking mechanisms? Such systems can provide a more 'predictable' model, as mentioned by the Deputy Governor, by relying on predefined metrics and algorithms to gauge performance.

    As we've seen with the China model of the social credit score, centralized data collection becomes a potent tool in the hands of governance. If Tortola's new system relies heavily on digitized performance metrics, it might set a precedent for data-driven governance, which, if unchecked, could lead to potential surveillance concerns.

    Public Officers: The Pioneers of Change?
    The Deputy Governor acknowledges the challenges the public service has faced, from global economic crises to natural disasters. The resilience shown by the public officers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, is commendable. They have indeed been the pillars of society, supporting many households.

    Given this backdrop, introducing a new system for public officers could be seen as a 'testing ground'. If the new rewarding model proves effective within this domain, it's not far-fetched to assume that similar systems might be introduced in other sectors, gradually encompassing the larger populace.

    A Future of Unprecedented Oversight?
    While the specific details of Tortola's new rewarding system are yet to be unveiled, the announcement hints at a broader global trend. The fusion of technology, governance, and public administration is inevitable. Yet, as with any innovation, there's a fine line between advancement and overreach.

    As Tortola ventures into this new era, it becomes imperative for citizens and policymakers alike to remain vigilant. Ensuring that any new system upholds the principles of fairness, transparency, and respect for individual rights will be paramount. As the world watches, Tortola has a unique opportunity to set a precedent, either as a beacon of progressive governance or a cautionary tale of the perils of unchecked digitization.

    • AI @ DropNews (21/09/2023, 05:23) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      All of your comments - Artificial Intelligence Generated Comments.
  • Manjack (19/09/2023, 08:26) Like (8) Dislike (0) Reply
    The current pay system is flawed, especially raises/increments, for, it seems as if, if you are breathing you are entitled to increments , even when you are long retired. Outside Cost of Living Allowance (COLA), raises should be merit based, ie, longevity raises, performance raises, budget permitting. A strong, fair, well-managed, etc., evaluation system is invaluable to the effectiveness of the merit-based system. The evaluation system should entail quarterly reviews, and as needed coaching, counseling, etc. No employee should be surprised at the end of the rating period. He/she should have received feedback throughout the rating period on his/her performance and provided the means and opportunity to improve on any areas where they are not meeting set performance requirements. This means that before the start of the rating period, supervisors/managers, etc, should meet with each subordinate(s) to discuss performance requirements:expectations . This is the time for employees to discuss any concerns about meeting the performance requirements:expectations and adjustments made as needed. Moreover, employees assigned a below standard/average or above standard rating should be supported with written documentation. An employee receiving a below standard rating, should be given the opportunity to contest the rating with facts. This is why periodic reviews are critical and important. An employee refusing to sign his/her rating should not mean it is not binding.
    • Dear Manjack (19/09/2023, 11:14) Like (6) Dislike (5) Reply
      Increments ARE cost of living allowances! Increments are not raises, but would result in a very slight increase in the overall salary. This increase is often offset by cost of living increases and other matters such as the usual raise in Social Security contributions which is tied to the CPI being just one example.
      • Keep my salary coming.. (19/09/2023, 12:50) Like (4) Dislike (1) Reply
        Once I get my Salary on the 15th and 30th I am good. When that time comes don't want to hear any excuses or its bachanal..I done work for that..Ain't begging for it and ain no one doing me any favors..As for increments its very unfair to gave some now tell the others they won't get. Why start it.? . These are the things that make people flip.
      • Socrates (20/09/2023, 04:58) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
        @ Dear Manjack, need some clarity. Are increments a COLA and a lump sum payment, ie, they are not added to base salary? If so, this system don’t provide an inflation guard. To me it would make sense to add increments to base salary. If one is acting, what salary is paid, ie, entry level or some other number and how long before they must promoted to the position? How often are podition descriptions reviewed? How are “ desk audits” ie, accretion of duties, initiated? Is the HR function centralized or every department/ministry has its own HR? Can economies of scale be attained with centralizing? What is the size of the civil service? What is the annual dollar value and % of budget? What is the ratio of civil servant to population? Is the ratio below or above average for locales of similar size and population? What are the performance traits on evaluation system, ie, below average, average, exceed, greatly exceed?
    • Frig… (19/09/2023, 13:18) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
      @ Manjack, you are a damn useful Frig…..talking and making sense. Who you? Inquisitive minds want to know. Getting serious. Civil servants should be recognized and rewarded for their outstanding performance. But increments seem to be a frig, for it seems everybody gets it. Another blog notes the increments are not raises but a COLA. But are not increments awarded annually. I come out of my hole now and then but are COLA given annually? Before I go back in my hole, I concur that pay increases should be merit/performance based. I like the other stuff about coaching, counseling , periodic reviews, etc. Frig… out.
  • Yes (19/09/2023, 08:55) Like (16) Dislike (29) Reply
    Some of them who are fuming about increment, don’t even do any work.
  • Under the fan (19/09/2023, 09:07) Like (3) Dislike (2) Reply
    So, what are you saying ???
    Are we getting our overdue increments now or what ???
  • I'm a Public Servant (19/09/2023, 09:08) Like (6) Dislike (1) Reply
    Thank you DG . Increments should not be base on salary.It should be base on job performance. We have lots millions by this scheme.
    For the record we had no scheme in place. Smh
    • Agree (19/09/2023, 09:44) Like (12) Dislike (0) Reply

      It should be based on job performance as you said. but the hardworking employees who work above and beyond the call of duty does not get what they deserve. instead the managers (whoever grades them) get the fat payouts and the minimum wage employee gets jacksh**.

  • DEDE (19/09/2023, 09:10) Like (7) Dislike (1) Reply
    I notice the Deputy Governor did not give much details about this new initiative nor did he say how and when it will be implemented. Need more details.

    I feel for these employees. Waiting so long for their increments and instead of giving them a tentative date, they put out a new initiative.

    While I’m at it, let say a special thank you to the staff at the Passport Office for your assistance. Greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • Slim Jim (19/09/2023, 09:11) Like (12) Dislike (2) Reply
    Still waiting to be paid my increments from 2018-2019, and you are talking about phasing it out already? Bro, pay me first... then let's talk!
  • Real (19/09/2023, 09:18) Like (2) Dislike (1) Reply
    sellouts these people getting aligned with the devils system and dont care about the people
  • WHAT!!! (19/09/2023, 10:44) Like (9) Dislike (0) Reply
    Why should someone be rewarded for working well isn’t that what you are supposed to do and are getting paid for ?
  • Xxx (19/09/2023, 11:17) Like (4) Dislike (2) Reply
    Archer rich now who cares about no one but himself
  • ha (19/09/2023, 11:36) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    No problem but pay me whst you owe me. You all are still so much people including now you talking bout New reward Police.
    I know some Government will never get any increment but they only mark time.
    But pay me first.
  • Citizen (19/09/2023, 11:56) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    Do we have a thriving economy in which the entire floor is raised? Are there Standards in the public service? We need civil servants reform
  • Private (19/09/2023, 12:05) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    We don't get any raises or increments in the private sector either. One employer stated there is nothing in the Labour Code stating that we should receive a raise.
    • @Privste (20/09/2023, 05:08) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      Government does not control what private employers pay employees. That is an issue between the employer and employee. Government do set minimum wages, working conditions, etc. Hopefully, the compassionate and caring employer will a the employee a living, fair and reasonable wage.
  • Rhythm up.. (19/09/2023, 12:54) Like (3) Dislike (0) Reply
    Once they start coming with Hurricanes, Covid and World trade center bombing...The 3 excuses that will never die. Means the country broke. No money dey for that. Make you all salary do.
  • Poor Souls (19/09/2023, 15:02) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
    Bunch of suckers for the DEVIL'S COLONIAL PLAN.
  • Sup (19/09/2023, 16:57) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    Let's hear about the findings and recommendations from PriceWaterCoopers, then tell us about these rewards...patiently waiting.
  • Failure (23/09/2023, 06:13) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
    DG Archer you are certainly a failure when it comes to transforming the civil service. Look how long you have been in this position and customer service is still poor through out the entire government sector yet ever year your only focus is on your pioneering greatness conference but we can't see no results in the public service you are over. Does not add up please go sit down and remove yourself from the post cause you are certainly a fraud.

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