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Educator praises Education Minister: 'I have never felt so motivated yet!'

- Educator Mrs Ciara Christian-Lavia heaps praises on Hon Sharie B. de Castro for inspiring her
Minister for Education, Culture, Youth Affairs and Sports Honourable Sharie B. de Castro (AL) has come in for high praise by Virgin Islands (VI) educator Mrs Ciara Christian-Lavia, who took to social media on March 20, 2023, to thank her for her encouragement. Photo: GIS/Facebook/File
A section of the Facebook post by Ciara Christian-Lavia praising Education Minister Sharie B. de Castro (AL). Photo: Facebook
A section of the Facebook post by Ciara Christian-Lavia praising Education Minister Sharie B. de Castro (AL). Photo: Facebook
Hon Sharie B. de Castro (AL) only took up the post of Education Minister in May 2022, but has made a tremendous impact on her Ministry. Photo: Facebook
Hon Sharie B. de Castro (AL) only took up the post of Education Minister in May 2022, but has made a tremendous impact on her Ministry. Photo: Facebook
ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI- Minister for Education, Culture, Youth Affairs and Sports Honourable Sharie B. de Castro (AL) has come in for high praise by Virgin Islands (VI) educator Mrs Ciara Christian-Lavia, who took to social media on March 20, 2023, to thank her for her encouragement.

In her Facebook post, Mrs Christian-Lavia related that she always gives respect where it is due and as an educator in the VI, she previously felt as though educators weren’t valued enough. 

She went on to state that she felt as though all was lost and it was just about work. 

According to Mrs Lavia, it appeared as though the momentum had dropped and the focus was on money instead of the passion for teaching.

Hon de Castro inspired change

She noted that it all changed in August of 2022.

“…at our training, we were introduced to S.T.E.A.M here in our territory..and we were encouraged to move FULL S.T.E.A.M ahead! I have never felt so motivated yet! … I turned to one of my colleagues and I said, ‘I think this academic year is going to be the best one yet..’ and it began…

"Hon Sharie Watchman de Castro geared us up, and basically connected our purpose as educators…what she said on that day has made my life as an educator easier, and life on a whole…’You can’t expect to make change if you give exact,'“ Mrs Christian-Lavia wrote.

She said she took this advice and took the time to reflect and work on herself.

“Since then? I have been getting good grades in my Master's Programme..why? Because I ain't giving exact! My scholars are excelling, why? Because I refuse to give exact…I’m giving more so that I can get change!” Mrs Christian-Lavia went on to state.

'Being an educator isn’t easy'- Christian-Lavia

She further expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth Affairs and Sports for motivating educators to make a change.

“I never was one who was made to fit in, and I’ve grown to accept that…but this is the BEST I’ve felt in just the short three years as an educator here in the Virgin Islands,” Mrs Christian-Lavia emphasised.

She further acknowledged that being an educator isn’t easy, but noted that 2023 Education Week was one for the books as she continued to express gratitude.

“I’m sure many would echo the same sentiments! Thank you once again and I am excited about where we are taking education!

"Change doesn’t happen overnight…but each of you prove that giving exact isn’t cutting it,” Mrs Lavia said.

Hon de Castro only took up the post of Education Minister in May 2022.

35 Responses to “Educator praises Education Minister: 'I have never felt so motivated yet!'”

  • WOW (21/03/2023, 09:43) Like (15) Dislike (10) Reply
    This is awesome!!!
  • Gyal (21/03/2023, 09:47) Like (39) Dislike (27) Reply
  • Ghut girl (21/03/2023, 09:50) Like (31) Dislike (27) Reply
    We voting de Castro she was shining light in education
    • RedStorm (22/03/2023, 06:49) Like (2) Dislike (3) Reply
      It got nothing close to her for replacement. We voting Decastro!
  • WOWO (21/03/2023, 09:57) Like (50) Dislike (17) Reply
    what has this Minister done to improve the BVI education system?
    • :) (21/03/2023, 10:25) Like (22) Dislike (35) Reply
    • HMMM (21/03/2023, 11:10) Like (27) Dislike (19) Reply
      With the little time she had. She remotivated teachers. She has taken a deeper look at the safety of all students and teachers. I pray she gets back her seat. She is the only politician that takes politics out of Education. She speakes to teachers not at teachers. Give her more time and you will see. Take off those blindfolds
    • open your eyes (21/03/2023, 11:50) Like (3) Dislike (10) Reply
      A whole lot in 10 months!!
  • Ramsee (21/03/2023, 10:03) Like (28) Dislike (12) Reply
    Great job Honorable Sharie. The STEAM programme is great and education with vision for our people is an important area of concentration especially now that we are facing multiple challenges on all fronts.
  • Really??? (21/03/2023, 10:30) Like (25) Dislike (20) Reply
    What has she ACTUALLY done? Go ahead I'll wait...expecting a big list based on all this praise...
    • @Really??? (21/03/2023, 11:52) Like (5) Dislike (14) Reply
      We don’t have to explain because you already know but you are trying to convince others that she didn’t do anything in the 10 months she was there. We know better go try your foolishness elsewhere!
      • @Really??? (22/03/2023, 09:37) Like (4) Dislike (0) Reply
        So, actually, nothing was done. Smoke, mirrors, and blah, blah blah which you can’t even begin to explain, because it doesn’t exist. Thank you have a nice day. NEXT!!!!!
  • Youth talk (21/03/2023, 10:40) Like (26) Dislike (29) Reply
    This young lady deserves a second term. Those who make the most noise are not always the most effective and best representatives. She is quite but cares and is innovative. Voting deCastro again.
  • Backoff and Leave (21/03/2023, 11:05) Like (38) Dislike (17) Reply
    From the time she took up the post she has been working hard for teachers. She is one of the few teachers that holds a position in the Ministry that really cares about us teachers. You people sickening everything is not about politics. Ms. DeCastro from.your teachers we thank you for caring.
    • Not my vote (21/03/2023, 11:36) Like (15) Dislike (7) Reply
      I wish she was working this hard when she was the Jr. minister of tourism, because she did absolutely nada there.
      • Oh Please (21/03/2023, 17:34) Like (2) Dislike (3) Reply
        Shereen will tell you that a junior minister cannot do anything without the minister responsible for the subject area. She did what she could do!
  • Yes (21/03/2023, 11:29) Like (6) Dislike (31) Reply
    Give her another 4 years!
  • ok (21/03/2023, 11:44) Like (39) Dislike (8) Reply
    This young lady has been the biggest disappointment. She is an at-large representative and has been silenced the entire time on matters affecting the territory. If education is her passion, then she needs to go back to teaching. Step out of politics... anyway that will be remedied just now.
    • @ok (21/03/2023, 17:35) Like (5) Dislike (15) Reply
      To you. Not the many educators and many others. Speak for yourself. Hon. De castro we will give you another four years
  • yep yep (21/03/2023, 12:00) Like (15) Dislike (13) Reply
    She got that post in May. Less than a year and she has done well. She looks out for her teachers. Can't say the same about the former who was also an Educator. NDP took away our increments without any regards because their bread was buttered on both sides. If you ask me, anyone that was a part of NDP then, need not get back in.
  • dead duck (21/03/2023, 12:19) Like (9) Dislike (6) Reply
    Her pig came to a fine market..ton tah tah ton ton TON TON!
    • @dead duck (21/03/2023, 14:15) Like (10) Dislike (2) Reply
      This S.T.E.A.M. initiative that the Minister of Education has champion is a huge game changer in the education of our children and the motivation of our teachers. This is one of the most revolutionary and timely moves made in education in years and she must be commended. She deserves another term.
  • Real (21/03/2023, 12:26) Like (14) Dislike (13) Reply
    Rome wasn’t built in a day… give her another 4 to do more
  • oh boy (21/03/2023, 13:46) Like (3) Dislike (9) Reply
    She maybe the only VIP at large stand a chance. Simply because she just got a ministry seems to be doing well and wasn't in Cabinet with all the rest who were basically useless big stones in cabinet that allows AF to do as he wish So she gets a pass..
    • @oh boy (21/03/2023, 15:28) Like (9) Dislike (13) Reply
      Speak for yourself because the VIP did good in difficult times, and they serve another term.
  • Truth (21/03/2023, 16:45) Like (8) Dislike (2) Reply
    When last she Anegada VG or JvD she say she don't need their votes. C**ra get land as a wedding present from VW shameful
    • @Truth (21/03/2023, 18:49) Like (4) Dislike (2) Reply
      Okay Flaxy girl and your sidekick. We know what you are trying but it will not work.
  • Chupppess (21/03/2023, 18:41) Like (3) Dislike (3) Reply
  • Sharie & VIP ALL THE WAY (21/03/2023, 19:17) Like (4) Dislike (4) Reply
    Give the VIP credit where it is due especially having to deal with covid the worse pandemic in the last 100 years and to have to deal with the damages left unattended to by NDP 1 & 2 from Irma and Maria.
    - New High School buildings and facility to take our teachers and children out of that moldy building they were put in by the NDP for a ridiculous amount of money monthly paid to the NDP partner where that contract was never audited.
    - Electric shuttle bus ride service around town free to all who use it. I use it all the time and love it.
    - New Road Town Market Square.
    - National Sustainable development plan projecting the way forward for the BVI for the next 20 years which shows progressive and innovative thinking. This was assisted by the UN.
    - Thousands of persons received their belonger status after being bluffed by NDP for years.
    - Direct flights to USA(Miami) and back starting soon.
    - Revived the Cruise industry after Covid
    - Salary review for all public officers ongoing
    - Paid some of the many increments due to public officers long before VIP took office.
    - Repaired the BFEC school building on VG
    - Repaired 3 Administration buildings on VG from the damage from Irma. One in North Sound and two in the Valley.
    - Fixed the resivor in North Sound, VG and the water woes.
    - Repaired the Administration building in JVD from the damage from Irma and named it.
    - Fixed the Lee Road in Virgin Gorda
    - Constructed new port dock, building and other facilities on JVD.
    - Paved Dog Hole road on JVD.
    - Constructed and paved new and existing roads on JVD.
    - Address JVD water issues.
    - Paved and Repaired new and existing roads on Anegada.
    - Repaired CCEC school structure on Anegada
    - Repaired basketball court and sport facility on Anegada
    - Repaired Fire station building on Anegada.
    - Repaired community center building on Anegda.
    - Repaired Administration building on Anegada.
    - Repaired many community centers on Tortola including Sea Cow's Bay, Brewer's Bay, West End and others.
    - Constructed new modern lab at the hospital in Road Town.
    - Completed and opened Hospital in VG.
    - Passed many good governance legislation
    - Governed during the most difficult time in the BVI and world during covid coupled with dealing with all the damages left unattended to by the NDP Government after Iram and Maria.
    - Did an excellent job in keeping a high majority of us safe and alive during the worse of covid and prevented the economy from tanking out with some of the same grants they are now being crucified for now by others who want the public to think the good they did to help is really bad.
    - Repaired many of the roads and infrastructure on Tortola and the other sister islands from the damages from Irma and Maria.
    - Restarted the scholarship abroad programme that was stop after Irma where 50 or more BVI people are now receiving government scholarships yearly to study abroad.
    - Teacher Associate & Bachelors programme at HLSCC and UWI to ensure teachers are trained and qualified.
    - Gained accreditation of hospital.
    - Assistance in funding Masters and above programmes.
    - Major duty tax break for all during covid to pass on to consumers to try to assist in lowering the cost of living which is rising worldwide.
    - Unemployment benefits during COVID where no one in the private industry could work during to the lock down.
    - Transportation programme to assist taxi industry during covid lock down.
    - Amended customs act to allow for many entrepreneurs in the marine industry during covid.
    - Started Marine course and certification at HLSCC to create more opportunities in the marine industry through jobs and entrepreneurs by training and qualifying persons interested from BVI.
    - Retrained and retool persons in the Hospitality industry during covid to prepare them for new opportunities.
    - Started certification programme in the area of alternative energy at HLSCC.
    - Gained accreditation of HLSCC.
    - Continued subsidy for ferry transportation to and from Anegada for Anegadians.
    - Repairing the Administration building in Tortola that was damaged after Irma and never attended to by the NDP.
    - Tax break on stamp duty for all belongers purchasing land and property during the covid era.
    - Saved many businesses, persons and university students from demise through the same grants they are now being crucified for by the well planned attack.
    - Constructed, Repaired and paved many new and existing roads on Tortola.
    - Repaired the Ivan Dawson school and many other school facilities on Tortola.
    - Commenced construction of the long awaited and promised new school facility on Jost Van Dyke.
    - Made sure everyone was fed during all the lock downs with covid with food vouchers and home deliveries among other means.
    - kept us informed and safe as much as was possible during the early bad days of covid where no government in the world knew what to do as there was no playbook for this worse pandemic in the last 100 years.
    - Made sure all district representatives received the same amount of funds whether in government or opposition to try to help we the people during the worse of covid.
    - The first government in years to pass all budgets on time and balanced each budget each of the four years in office.
    - Passed all financial ratings regionally and abroad.
    - Funded many senior citizens programmes to take care of our seniors.
    - Restarted the Alternative Education programme so persons who did not finish school can attend and get their high school diploma.
    - Repaired the multipurpose complex and a/c after major damages due to Irma.
    - Repaired the police stations and marine bases after damages from Irma.
    - Assisted in the opening of Banco Popular on VG so there can be banking on VG again.
    - Passed consumer protection legislation.
    Will stop there for now as the list is extensive. The VIP good far outweighs their negative and that is why the ongoing devious plots are intensifying to try to get in people's mind otherwise to try to influence the elections and try to get VIP out to turn it over to the rich and famous but who GOD BLESS no man can curse.
  • Factual comparison (21/03/2023, 19:26) Like (1) Dislike (3) Reply
    Over 4000 persons got help in VIP time with grants during Covid which has a multiplier effect of 12000 persons. Under the NDP after Irma & Maria we were left to suffer and fend for ourselves with only a few getting help from NDP Government. This is way my family and I will be voting for VIP for the 1st time in this election. They truly care about people and the rich and well off do not like to see that happen.
    • WHAT!!!! (22/03/2023, 09:41) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
      Your numbers are as flawed as your "multiplier”. VIP friends, family and cronies benefited from MILLION of mismanaged handouts/ Many of which were given to people doing just fine. VIPs should NEVER be allowed near public funds again; the corruption is systemic with them.
      • @What!!!! (23/03/2023, 13:23) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply
        You are talking about NDP and their mismanaged handouts and funding? Try go sit dung!!
  • WWW (22/03/2023, 09:25) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
    She may get back in, but not her party. trouble

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