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Direct flights a huge win but don’t forget issues plaguing D7- Kevon S. Lettsome

Young political aspirant Mr Kevon S. Lettsome, left, has commended the Unity Government of Premier and Minister of Finance Dr the Honourable Natalio D. Wheatley (R7) , right, for successfully negotiating direct flights to the territory from mainland, USA, but has urged the Seventh District people to not let that blind them to the fact there are many issues plaguing the district that need urgent attention. Photo: GIS/File
Mr Kevon S. Lettsome’s comments were accompanied by a photo of a dilapidated road in East End. Photo: Facebook
Mr Kevon S. Lettsome’s comments were accompanied by a photo of a dilapidated road in East End. Photo: Facebook
LONG LOOK, Tortola, VI- Young political aspirant Mr Kevon S. Lettsome has commended the Unity Government of Premier and Minister of Finance Dr the Honourable Natalio D. Wheatley (R7) for successfully negotiating direct flights to the territory from the mainland, USA.

In the same breath; however, Mr Lettsome has said persons particularly in the Seventh District should not lose sight of the fact that much needs to be done in the communities.

“Of course, much of our attention has focused on our huge win with airlift to the USA mainland and the celebration will continue until the inaugural flight has happened. I understand the great convenience this will bring to Virgin Islanders and residents alike and the positive tourism implications that would arrive.

‘Don’t lose sight…’- Kevon S. Lettsome

“However, I urge my community to not lose sight of our abandoned roadways infrastructure, our decade-old sewage issues; our unresourceful water system; our obstructive bushes along the roadways; our absent programs for seniors and kids and our limited healthcare system that have continued to plague the seventh district community,” Mr Lettsome wrote on his Facebook page today, December 12, 2022.

His comments were accompanied by a photo of a dilapidated road in East End.

The former Opposition Leader of the Virgin Islands Youth Parliament (VIYP) is expected to challenge Dr Wheatley for the Seventh District seat at the 2023 general election.

21 Responses to “Direct flights a huge win but don’t forget issues plaguing D7- Kevon S. Lettsome”

  • asura (12/12/2022, 16:20) Like (12) Dislike (9) Reply
    not sure Lettsome will win but for sure the slowman needs to go!
  • LLM (12/12/2022, 16:30) Like (5) Dislike (13) Reply
    Long Look is looking one of their own. We with Shaq!
  • Hmm (12/12/2022, 16:30) Like (14) Dislike (7) Reply
    He again. Not my vote. Shak you ain’t ready. You will just be a back bencher.
    • 55st (12/12/2022, 17:30) Like (5) Dislike (9) Reply
      I with shak! We need a full time rep, who will look out for the people, not people who have title and is not doing anything.
      • good for you (14/12/2022, 20:50) Like (9) Dislike (0) Reply
        I don't want Shaq or Slowande, if you knew what I know you wouldn't want either of them .
    • @hmm (12/12/2022, 17:33) Like (9) Dislike (4) Reply
      Natalio was put in that position of Deputy and Premier because he is weak dont understand issues and is a good yes man not because he was competent. He is a real disappointment.
    • Long Look Massive (12/12/2022, 19:26) Like (3) Dislike (6) Reply
      Agree he’s not ready neither the lady who is also running in the 7 district she couldn’t even manage the department she’s working in that department is in a mess.
    • dude (13/12/2022, 10:12) Like (2) Dislike (2) Reply
      you already have the premier and aren't happy now you want to discourage the youth because he will be a back bencher. some people can't be pleased
  • DON Q (12/12/2022, 17:47) Like (14) Dislike (9) Reply
    I with Perline not one of them men again
  • Long look meh from (12/12/2022, 17:54) Like (4) Dislike (4) Reply
    well ayo go tell shak to jump in a backpack and hang he self on a rack before he get wack like a duck saying quack quack quack ????

    Politrics is not trix and is not for kids.
    • Not Long Look (12/12/2022, 18:49) Like (2) Dislike (5) Reply
      You can’t be from Long Look. Is shak we going with. Actions speaks louder than words.
  • fat boy (12/12/2022, 19:05) Like (4) Dislike (1) Reply
    Well sah horse out the gates
  • Fat Hogs Bay (12/12/2022, 23:27) Like (16) Dislike (1) Reply
    Perline turn this elections
  • justin (13/12/2022, 00:21) Like (0) Dislike (4) Reply
    why dem picking on wheatley because pickering was there almost 20 years and wheatley less than 4 years:
  • big show (13/12/2022, 02:06) Like (2) Dislike (2) Reply
    So what if Shaq get back bencher the current Premier and rep for 7 is a back bencher as we speak right now the tail wagging that axxx
  • The governor (13/12/2022, 09:51) Like (0) Dislike (2) Reply
    The race to watch is in district 7
    • justin (13/12/2022, 22:32) Like (5) Dislike (0) Reply
      @ The governor
      the race to watch is district 1

      NDP was district 7 & 8 for 8 years
      Hon Pen did what ????
      Hon Pickering did what???

      change is a must throughout the territory because nothing is done for the people

      administration after administration focus mostly on cruise ships passengers and tourism
  • UK Own (13/12/2022, 10:29) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    Airline a Huge Win for the Rom Knees not the Bvi People. SMFH..
  • rubbish (13/12/2022, 19:20) Like (0) Dislike (3) Reply
    Sowende has already started the sewage works and that’s why the roads were dug up. The seniors care is Health and there is a program. Voting this young man will not fix this. These issues are nationwide and need the collective action of the Government. Sowende is doing good.
  • eyes wide shut (14/12/2022, 21:33) Like (3) Dislike (0) Reply

    Sowande problem is his team weak, he fr!g all around. He fr!g in the Premiers Office and he Fr!g in the district.

    Fr!g list
    1) He has the same PS that was blocking him over at education (I guess he doesn't mind getting undermine).

    2) He keep Andrew 2 secretaries( the 2 of them together can't make 1)

    3) Out of all 13 district committees he has the weakest one( If less and disorganized had a picture in the dictionary it would be of them)

    4)He put the head of his committee over the district office (The girl d***** than a box of rocks and she v****** constituents based on their political affiliation.

  • BVI VIBES (18/12/2022, 23:03) Like (0) Dislike (0) Reply

    When we look at the History of our Virgin Islands Hon. Kye Rhymer ranks as a Hero for being the driving force behind the direct flight to the Virgin Islands from the USA.
    This is a game changer.

    -What does a direct flight mean for the BVI?

    Easier travel to the BVI....
    Less travel time to reach the BVI
    Less IN transit time
    Savings on travel to the BVI
    Less travel logistic
    More empowerment of locals one way or another
    Economic trickle down effect on the broader community

    Here is a list of Heroes I will add his name to. This list is not exhaustive. Add you nominees and share back
    Kye Rhymer
    Robert Mathavious
    Charles Wheatley
    Theodore Faulkner
    Noel Lloyd
    Howard Penn
    Glenny Fonseca
    Myron Walwyn
    Lavity Stoutt
    Slaves abused by Arthur Hodge:
    Tom Boiler, Cuffy, Else, Jupiter, Margaret,
    Tom Boiler and his brother Simon Boiler, were whipped to death
    Slaves Margaret and Else died after boiling water was poured down their throats
    His offspring by his slave, Peggy

    A hero as defined by this writer is a person who's decisions or activities alters the lives of the ordinary man or woman
    Our heroes are not perfect but they have helped to change lives throughout our territory.

    The truth is the truth even if we don't like it or even if we don't recognize it.

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