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Attorney Hakim T. Creque tipped to be new Speaker of HoA?

- Expected to be sworn in @ next Sitting on May 19, 2022, according to sources
Word reaching our news centre is that Virgin Gordian Hakim T. Creque has been tipped to be the new Speaker of the House of Assembly (HoA). Photo: GIS/File
Former House of Assembly Speaker Julian Willock, left, with House of Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle during a fact finding mission to the United Kingdom (UK) recently. Photo: HoA
Former House of Assembly Speaker Julian Willock, left, with House of Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle during a fact finding mission to the United Kingdom (UK) recently. Photo: HoA
Many have praised Mr Willock for restoring interest in the HoA and presiding over the institution in a dignified way. Photo: HoA
Many have praised Mr Willock for restoring interest in the HoA and presiding over the institution in a dignified way. Photo: HoA
ROAD TOWN, Tortola, VI- Word reaching our news centre is that Virgin Gordian Hakim T. Creque has been tipped to be the new Speaker of the House of Assembly (HoA), replacing former Speaker Julian Willock.

Willock out for no reason!

It was on May 3, 2022 that Mr Willock announced his resignation, stating that he was told by now Premier Dr the Honourable  Natalio D. Wheatley (R7)  that he had done nothing wrong, was not named in any way for misconduct in the Commission of Inquiry’s report and is not under any investigations.

However, the former Speaker was told that he should demit his post. Willock told a local media outlet that he will not disclose the other matters told to him by the Premier, as to the real reason why he was asked to resign, since he will never violate the trust and confidence of the conversation between him and Premier Wheatley.

Mr Hakim T. Creque has reportedly been selected from a pool of about five to eight suggestions. There was also some intensive lobbying going on from Members of the National Unity Administration for persons they presented who had interest in the post but in the end they were not selected. These included a former legislator and a former Speaker of the HoA.  

Who is Hakim T. Creque?

Mr Creque holds a BSc degree in Psychology and a BA degree in Political Science (International Relations) from the University of Central Florida, and a Bachelor of Law (Honours) from the University of Law (formerly the College of Law) in London.

He was admitted as a Barrister to the Bar of England and Wales in July 2014 by the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn and the Bar of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court in December 2014.

In 2018, the incoming Speaker was appointed as an Additional Magistrate and was awarded a Chevening Scholarship, a global leadership scholarship, from the Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office to pursue a Master’s degree in the UK. He attended Queen Mary University London, where he achieved his LLM in Commercial and Corporate Law, graduating in December 2019.

He is currently employed at the private law firm of Martin Kenney & Co. which is a multi-jurisdictional investigative and litigation practice based in Road Town, Tortola.

If voted in at the May 19, 2022, Sitting by the HoA, Mr Creque will be the third Parliamentary Speaker from Virgin Gorda. The first is Keith L. Flax, who was the Speaker of the Legislative Council from 1983 to 1997. Mr Roy Harrigan, also from Virgin Gorda, served as Speaker of the House of Assembly from 2007-2011.

'I am not aware of it'- Creque

Meanwhile, Mr Creque told our newsroom today, May 13, 2022, that no one has yet contacted him regarding his possible appointment as HoA Speaker.

One source told our newsroom that Mr Creque's name was submitted for the possible role of Speaker, unknowing to him.

"I am not aware of it, no," Mr Creque said when asked if he was aware of the matter or if anyone had reached out to him.

Willock a positive legacy  

Many have praised Mr Willock for restoring interest in the HoA and presiding over the institution in a dignified way.  

The former Speaker has listed many of his accomplishments working with the many committees of the HoA in his three years, including resuscitating the Virgin Islands Youth Parliament; Enabling the Territory as a member of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association to sit at all regional and international conferences as its own independent Chapter; The passage of over 40 Bills in the Fourth HoA, along with having the 5 Select Committees of the House very active.

Recently, the former Speaker Willock led a delegation of HoA legislators on a fact-finding mission to review the House of Commons operations.

The seven-member delegation met with Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle, and many other UK Parliamentarians to review ways of using some of their methods to strengthen the local democratic institution.

40 Responses to “Attorney Hakim T. Creque tipped to be new Speaker of HoA?”

  • WOW (11/05/2022, 13:08) Like (7) Dislike (7) Reply
    A breath of fresh air
    • HoA participant (13/05/2022, 17:26) Like (11) Dislike (24) Reply
      Loved the way Hon Willock articulated the HoA. I hope mr Creque or whom ever can speak like him or better. I cannot accept a downgrade in the articulation of our HoA
  • wiggy (11/05/2022, 13:10) Like (7) Dislike (3) Reply
    Whats in the darkness must come to light
  • High school classmate (11/05/2022, 13:14) Like (4) Dislike (1) Reply
    I hope you get this. Win after Win.
  • Just saying (11/05/2022, 13:14) Like (19) Dislike (1) Reply
    Why would he waste his time with such a job?
  • Hmm (11/05/2022, 13:22) Like (14) Dislike (5) Reply
    Seems like a puppet is put in place for now
  • vi (11/05/2022, 13:30) Like (10) Dislike (1) Reply
    I don't know the guy, we shall see his performance, congrats fella
  • Proud Virgin Gordian (11/05/2022, 13:59) Like (7) Dislike (6) Reply
    Yeaaaaa Hakim what a proud moment for the Island of Virgin Gorda. Congratulations in advance.
  • gadheitz (13/05/2022, 12:52) Like (11) Dislike (0) Reply
    look alike
  • fact check (13/05/2022, 12:53) Like (5) Dislike (8) Reply
    Former Speaker Keith Flax is also from Virgin Gorda
  • Peonia (13/05/2022, 12:55) Like (25) Dislike (4) Reply
    I don't know him but reading his attributes seems as if he is very educated and can handle the task.
  • asura (13/05/2022, 12:56) Like (11) Dislike (40) Reply
    Willock will be missed love him or hate him!!
  • Interesting (13/05/2022, 13:02) Like (2) Dislike (6) Reply
    This is now very interesting- Congratulations Mr. Creque all your life, school life school investment was leading you up to this point. This is definitely historic and groundbreaking and proud of also be sharing the same last name.
  • Would be nice (13/05/2022, 13:09) Like (19) Dislike (5) Reply
    This man is bursting with knowledge. I think he would be a good addition. Any who, congratulations are in order if selected for the position.
  • oh (13/05/2022, 13:43) Like (34) Dislike (5) Reply
    Good pick. Give young people work. Remove all these old folks
  • oh (13/05/2022, 14:13) Like (14) Dislike (6) Reply
    I thought it was going to be sheep
  • JM (13/05/2022, 15:04) Like (18) Dislike (2) Reply
    Frankly, I think Mr. Creque will do a great job. I welcome his candour and professionalism. Plus, ‘Hon. Creque’ has quite a nice ring to it.
  • Just saying (13/05/2022, 15:35) Like (13) Dislike (41) Reply
    Hummm can't walk in willock shoes
  • Wiwb (13/05/2022, 15:48) Like (9) Dislike (12) Reply
    That should be Cindy’s job. Speaker Polisi
    • @ wiwb (14/05/2022, 13:49) Like (5) Dislike (3) Reply
      For god and country sake go sit down hell no, that mo moo with so much hate
  • Xxx (13/05/2022, 15:50) Like (8) Dislike (29) Reply
    They did Julian wrong that government could never last
  • Yeah, Yeah (13/05/2022, 15:54) Like (13) Dislike (2) Reply
    I like that pick yeah Hakim. Give it u best shot. Congrats.
  • Run in (13/05/2022, 16:27) Like (12) Dislike (4) Reply
    He needs to run for the 9 ninth district
  • good luck (13/05/2022, 16:40) Like (5) Dislike (3) Reply
    What happened to Sheep?
  • ... (13/05/2022, 16:45) Like (8) Dislike (0) Reply
    We need a fresh election that is the only fresh start
  • Congrats young man (13/05/2022, 16:47) Like (8) Dislike (2) Reply
    Make yourself and your family and your country proud.. Stand for what's right..
  • Downgrade (13/05/2022, 16:56) Like (29) Dislike (1) Reply
    Stay with Martin Kenney for a solid future law career hunting down delinquent BVI companies until you make partner or move to another law firm. This detour into politics leads nowhere good now.
  • Lily Ann (13/05/2022, 18:04) Like (4) Dislike (7) Reply
    This ninja does talk like he saving minutes LOLOLOLOLOL ... I am screaming a LOUD NO .... but congrats boo !!!! Well deserved !!!!!
  • Lily Ann (13/05/2022, 18:12) Like (12) Dislike (8) Reply
    Ayo ain't read the man credentials and Educational history in the article, but ayo here talking squuakkk !!!! Somebody copy and paste Willock Credentials and education history lemme see !!! I'll be waiting !!!
  • Damm not another lawyer (14/05/2022, 08:10) Like (4) Dislike (5) Reply
    Hope he can take it higher and do as good as the esteemed
  • WOW (14/05/2022, 09:02) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
  • Eldread (14/05/2022, 11:33) Like (3) Dislike (1) Reply
    I hope he defy that wearing of a wig to look like white people since he is dreadlocks. Thats far alienating to the black culture cause its saying Westminster system is a white institutions and serve white prople as the oath says in parliament. Please make this a seminal moment as a young man to stand up. Oops! You may already be wearing it in court as an attorney.
  • my two cents (14/05/2022, 13:52) Like (4) Dislike (5) Reply
    He does not have the high level weight and strength like Mr Willock sorry to say
  • ??? (14/05/2022, 20:49) Like (1) Dislike (0) Reply
    To the contributor of this Post regarding Speakers from VG. I stand to be corrected if I am wrong. Wasn't Hon. Reial George a Speaker of the House?
  • You all deaf (14/05/2022, 22:46) Like (3) Dislike (1) Reply
    Y'all ain't hear Mr. Creque says he knows nothing about this? Why are you all so hard of hearing!
  • Progress (15/05/2022, 08:35) Like (4) Dislike (3) Reply
  • strupesss (16/05/2022, 10:58) Like (2) Dislike (0) Reply
    I'm definitely not in favor of this pick. the premier needs to revisit this.
  • Lucy (16/05/2022, 16:26) Like (3) Dislike (0) Reply
    Young man don't go waste your talent with that job.

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