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Are we a Christian Community?

Donald E. de Castro. Photo: VINO/File
Donald E. de Castro

Over the past years, many of the Christian faith, including ministers of religion, ministers of government, politicians and many other persons keep saying that this is a Christian Community. However, the actions of many of these same people, leaves this question unanswered in the minds of many believers and others.

I can say that, yes it was in the early years when there were only the Anglican, Methodist and the Seventh Day Adventist Churches.

However, now that we have a large number of additional Christian denominations and other non-Christian religions, the answer to many is now an open question. However, the vast majority of religions and people are still of the Christian Faith.

What is a Christian?

When you ask this question, too many people are unable to answer it in one simple sentence. The simple answer is, “one who believes in the teaching of Jesus Christ.” Now here is an issue that many, “so called Christians” fail to accept and, that is, while one may be a Christian, he or she may not be living a Christian life.

Here is another issue, if couples of the Christian Faith, Jewish Faith, Muslim faith have children, what faith are their children?

Unfortunately, many people of the Christian faith are quick to say that their children are not Christians until they are grown and baptized.

Then there are those who believe you have to live your life according to their beliefs, as if you are incapable of making your own decisions.

What amazes me today is that we have so many Christian denominations in this Territory and every single one of them joins in a territory wide concern as to why unity is needed among all of us in order to help solve many of the issues facing us today. There is a Christian Council Association, yet there are less than ten Churches that are members of this Association.

 So what kind of example are they setting for their congregation? When some Christian leaders do not want to associate with other Christian leaders—in a Christian association—one has to wonder if these are the people that the members of their Churches are looking to for guidance.

This can give one the appearance that the vast majority of these religious leaders are more concerned about money, material thingss and who can build the biggest Church and get the largest congregation, and that preaching the Word of God is secondary.

Another issue I have with the vast majority of religious leaders/pastors, they all love to get in their houses of worship and radio stations, where they all love to talk about truth.

Truth however, is the farthest thing from their mind when it comes to the name of this Territory. In my conversations and discussions with many of them, the vast majority do not care about the name of this Territory.

In my opinion this is just another form of disrespect to all “True Virgin Islanders” and equally not in the best interest of our young people.

This is just another tactic of keeping the people divided.  These are some of the people that are always saying that our young people need help and that everything should be done to guide them in the right way but they refuse to tell them the truth when it comes to our name of this Territory; that is so wrong. Unless the people know and accept who they are it will continue to be extremely difficult for us solve the issues affecting the development and protection of all of us.


Both the Methodist and Anglican Churches were strong leaders in this community and both were important voices.

The Anglican Church from about 1998 started making some important advances under Father Julian Clarke, and continued to move forward under Father Ronald Branch, of Trinidad. Unfortunately, the St Georges Anglican Church, has lost its standing in the community and many members have decided to worship at other churches for the past years, ever since the departure of Father Branch.

This is a great example of how important ‘Good’ religious leaders are to their congregation and a community as a whole.

Another major issue, if it is we are a Christian community, why is so much major construction and government work is carried on Sundays including heavy equipment and trucks on the roads in many instances disturbing Sunday services in churches?

At this time, post Irma, is understandable, but it has been going on for years and it is time a stop be put to it except in case of emergency.

So, are we a Christian Community? Let me say that we are more of a God-Fearing Community. Why?

There are Non-Christian Religions in this territory that believe in God but have questions about Jesus Christ, however, all Christians also believe in God.

What about those that do not believe in anything, except money and material things and those that worship other images? Do we treat them with disrespect? Of course not.

A concern of many is Muslim/Islamic and Christian fanatics; many persons believe that the behavior of these two groups of people give their faiths a bad name.

So, folks, let us understand and accept the fact that the name of this territory is The Virgin Islands and its people are Virgin Islanders.

Therefore, Virgin Islanders let me repeat here what I have been saying on my radio show for years.

We must respect each other and unite to work for the benefit of all of us. Then and only then, those who come to live and work among us, will respect us and work with us to make this Territory a better place for all of us.


3 Responses to “Are we a Christian Community? ”

  • What!! (28/06/2018, 14:07) Like (9) Dislike (0) Reply
    In general this is a community of people who go to church one day a week and for the rest of the week are dishonest lie and treat your fellow human being like sh**
  • the rock (28/06/2018, 16:52) Like (0) Dislike (1) Reply
    You touch on the Anglican church. One of the most down to earth pastors ever to grace this land is Father Rock. We need more pastors like him in the B.V.Is. Pastor Storm is another. What you need to do sir is to attend St. George's and you will see empowerment at it's best!
  • Comment (29/06/2018, 07:08) Like (7) Dislike (0) Reply
    Christianity is not a religion it is a relationship. A relationship with your Creator nothing more, nothing less. Sitting in church from childhood to 100+ do not grant free trips to heaven. For many church members this is nothing more than a social club filled with religious individuals. Their have formed relationships with their own thoughts and desires.

    It is the thing to do each Sunday/Saturday to take the shame off of their shoulders for not attending. Their Great-Grandparents attended church each and every Sunday/Saturday and so it has become traditional in the family line. ’The fellowship of the believers without true repentance and having a true relationship with Christ’. The true...many churches are dead and boring, there is no life, no new song, the songs stay the same year after year. Why not allow some of the members to create worship songs or is that just for Hollywood to do? One or two churches may teach how to operate the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Many born-again Christian are not aware of these spiritual gifts or how to walk in them.

    Many men and women were never appointed by God to preach or teach yet they do. Signs and wonders are not visible in most church, yet the Holy Spirit operates so strongly in these ways. Many churches are DEAD and singing to the top of ones’ voice is meaningless without the Holy Spirit.

    Most members of church love money and other things of this world much more than a relationship with God. Some people who spend their whole life in church have whole on to their money and possessions like a drug. Many are restrained by strongholds like these for years and refuse to give God their hearts. Many refuse to give God their tongues...some church attendees are the most disrespectful mean hearted person on the street. They can’t wait until church service ends to tell someone how fat they look in your new blue dress. ‘I believe the days of testing is near...and who will stand’???

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